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Why Willbrr.com?

Why not have some fun and exercise free speech that might make folks smile.

How do I submit a question to Willbrr?

Use the "Ask Willbrr" link with a token to submit questions.

What are tokens?

Tokens are used to submit questions to Willbrr. To get a token you have to select a sponor of Willbrr.

How do I select a sponsor for a token?


If Willbrr answers my question, where is the answer posted?

If your question is answered a copy of the audio response will be uploaded to the sponsors folder and a copy goes to the response pool.

If I am a sponsor how do I see questions and responses I sponsored?

Under the "Sponsor Login" link.

What type of questions have the best chance of getting asnwered by Willbrr?

Questions that Willbrr believes to be ok for family listening.

Does Willbrr answer every question submitted?

Questions are submitted with courtesy of a sponsor and Willbrr reserves the right to answer or decline any question.

Do declined questions count against a sponsor?


How long does my sponsorship last?

Terms vary.

If my sponsorship is revoked can I get a refund?


Do you offer any refund if I am not satisfied?


God bless America!

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